Monthly Archives: June 2011

X-Men First Class, favourite movie bad guys Episode 003

In this show, the guys review the movie X-Men First Class, pick out their favourite movie bad guys, and discuss manga comics, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and assorted movies including Moon and Bride of Frankenstein.

Episode 002 House of Flying Daggers, Top 5 Graphic Novels

In this episode, Sam and Mark review the arty martial arts movie House of Flying Daggers, pick the top 5 graphic novels, and discuss games such as Fear, Just Cause 2, and some old TV shows, including Married With Children and Red Dwarf

Episode 001 Tron – Legacy, Top 5 Memorable Movie Deaths

In this show, Mark and Sam review the movie Tron – Legacy, pick out their top 5 memorable movie deaths, and discuss such diverse entertainment as Star Trek and alternate universes, Nightmare Revisited (the soundtrack of The Nightmare Before Christmas redone by bands), and Battle Royale.

Welcome to The Good, The Bad, And The Odd

Welcome to this new podcast. Each week we hope to bring you a short and sweet podcast that covers the following:

GET THE COMFY CHAIR – We’ll shoot the breeze about movies, TV we’ve watched, games we’ve played and stuff we’ve read or heard since the last podcast.

NUMBER 5 IS ALIVE – A top 5 list – ranging from best movie deaths to toughest guys and beyond,  but it will be a top (or bottom) 5 about something film/entertainment related.

THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE – A review of a movie – may be old, may be new, may be obscure, may be famous, it depends on what we feel like watching.


Mark and Sam, Team GBO