Monthly Archives: July 2011

Doctor Who Dalek Episode Commentary Episode 009

In this episode, Sam and Mark and Max give a commentary on the classic Doctor Who Episode called Dalek with the ninth Doctor, Christopher Eccleston. This marked the first time Daleks appear in the modern versions of Doctor Who.

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone and Favourite Video Game Protagonists Episode 008

In this episode, Mark and Sam take a look at the first Harry Potter movie, choose their top 5 video game protagonists, and discuss what else they watched, played and read this week.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 and Harry Potter versus Star Wars Episode 007

In this show, Max and Sam discuss what they liked and disliked about the latest Harry Potter movie, and then decided which franchise was best: Harry Potter or Star Wars

Spaceballs and Top 5 Animated Movies Episode 006

In this episiode, Mark and Sam take a look at Spaceballs by Mel Brooks, choose their top 5 2D animated movies, and skim over The Ghost of Frankenstein, From Hell and The Punisher.

Star Trek Amok Time Commentary – Episode 005

In this episode, Sam and Mark and joined by another member of the family, Max, to give a commentary on the classic Star Trek episode ‘Amok Time’, most recently seen in the Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon movie. We discuss the history of Star Trek, the nature of Vulcans and how awesome Kirk and Spock are.

Jason X + Remakes we would like to see Episode 004

In episode 004, Mark and Sam talk about the cheap and cheerful space-horror-fest Jason X, pick the movies they’d most like to see remade, and discuss surviving the zombie apocalypse