Monthly Archives: July 2012

The Dambusters 042

The Dambusters

The British war movie The Dambusters (1955)

The Expendables and Favourite Action Movies 041

The Expendables

Mark and Sam discuss The Expendables and favourite action movies.

Flash Gordon 040

Flash Gordon

Mark does a quick review of 1980’s Flash Gordon.

Star Trek Space Seed Commentary 039

Space Seed

In this episode, Sam, Mark and Max give a commentary on the classic Star Trek episode ‘Space Seed’, the first appearance of the great Khan.

The Dark Knight Rises and Top 10 Favourite Batman Villains 038

The Dark Knight Rises

Sam and Mark talk about the most anticipated 2012 summer movie, The Dark Knight Rises, and their combined list of top 10 Batman villains.

The Amazing Spiderman and Favourite Spiderman Villains 037

Sam and Mark talk about the movie currently hot in cinemas, The Amazing Spiderman. Was the reboot necessary? They also discuss their favourite Spiderman villains.