Monthly Archives: August 2012

Drive Angry 054

Drive Angry

Mark considers which way to turn with Drive Angry

Shutter Island – Episode 053

Shutter Island

Mark pays a visit to Shutter Island

The Addiction – Episode 052

The Addiction

Mark looks at a movie that puts a slightly different twist on the vampire movie, The Addiction

Monster Club – Episode 051

Monster Club

Mark pays a visit to Amicus’s last movie, The Monster Club

The Three Stooges and Favourite Internet-based Entertainments 050

The Three Stooges

Mark and Sam whooowhooowhooo about The Three Stooges, and talk about their favourite podcasts, websites and ways of wasting time on the internet. Mark talks about which podcasts he enjoys most these days, and which podcasts inspired the start of The Good The Bad And The Odd

Soldier – Episode 049


Mark marches on with a review of Soldier

Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter – Episode 048

Captain Kronos

Mark enjoys watching a professional at work in Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter.

Up! – Episode 047


In this episode, Mark floats away with Pixar’s Up!

Hellraiser – 046


Mark summons the cenobites in Hellraiser

The Walking Dead Season 2 – 045

The Walking Dead Season 2

Mark picks his way through the zombie hordes to talk about The Walking Dead S2

Fright Night (2011) 044

Fright Night

Mark eats an apple and looks at Fright Night (2011)

The Stuff (1985) 043

The Stuff

Mark gets covered in The Stuff (1985)