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The Thing 2011 and Top 5 Prequels – 066

The Thing 2011
Mark and Sam cover The Thing prequel, and talk about prequels generally. They also cover skyrim (again), Borderlands (again), The Judge Dredd comic Judge Death and The Cursed Earth, some Dr Who (Terror of the Autons), First Blood, The Ultimate Warrior, Conan The Barbarian (with Arnie), Zulu, The Dead, and Paranormal Activity.

Hellraiser 2 – 065

Hellraiser 2

Mark visits Hell in Hellraiser 2

The Omen 1976 – 064

The Omen

Mark gets ominous with The Omen 1976

Tango and Cash – Episode 063

Tango And Cash
Mark considers Stallone and Russell in Tango and Cash

The Expendables 2 and Top 5 Actors we want to see in Expendables 3 – 62

The Expendables 2

Sam and Mark have fun with Expendables 2 and talk about who they want to join the crew in the next Expendables movie.

Dredd and Judge Dredd – 061


In this special episode, Mark and Sam do a double bill of Judge Dredd and Dredd. We made sure to indicate oncoming spoilers.

Warrior and Top 5 Movie Fights Without Weapons – Episode 060


Mark and Sam talk about Warrior from 2012, and their favourite top 5 movie fights without weapons

It’s a Gift – Episode 059

Its A Gift

Mark appreciates the sentiment in It’s A Gift

Horror Of Dracula – Episode 058

Horror Of Dracula

Mark sticks a cross in the face of Hammer’s first Dracula movie, Horror of Dracula

Slade In Flame – Episode 057

Slade In Flame

Mark fails to get ignited by Slade In Flame

The Seventh Victim – Episode 056

The Seventh Victim

Mark talks about a movie that’s about death being good, The Seventh Victim.

Tucker and Dale Vs Evil and Top 5 Stupidest Movie Deaths – Episode 055

Tucker and Dale Vs Evil

Mark and Sam have fun with Tucker and Dale Vs Evil, and talk about the stupidest deaths committed to celluloid.