Monthly Archives: October 2012

Legion and Top 5 Religious Movies – 070


Sam and Mark talk about Legion, Paul Bettany and their top 5 movies with religious elements.

Aliens and top 5 robots – 069


Mark and Sam discuss Aliens and their favourite Top 5 robots.

Iron Sky and top 5 spaceships – 068

Iron Sky

Mark and Sam discuss Iron Sky, and their favourite spaceships. Also covered are the movies Gentleman Jim and Zulu Dawn, and some more talk about Borderlands 2.

Centurion and Borderlands 2 – 067


Mark and Sam talk over the historical action Centurion and the game that is the greatest known as Borderlands 2.

They also cover skyrim (again again), Borderlands (again), The Judge Dredd comic The Day The Law Died, the books Damnation Alley by Roger Zelazny and 11.22.63 by Stephen King, Dr Who and the Daemons, French zombie horror La Horde, Taken, Problem Child 1 and 2, Hugo, the remake of The Crazies, Curse of Frankenstein, Master and Commander, Hidden (Cache), The Mummy (the Hammer one), and the mighty Once Upon A Time In The West.