Monthly Archives: November 2012

Blazing Saddles and Top 5 Comedy Characters from the movies – 074

Blazing Saddles

This time, Mark and Sam have a lot of fun over the classic comedy Blazing Saddles, and talk about their favourite comedy characters in movies.

Jonah Hex and Top 5 Movies named after a main character – 073

Jonah Hex

Sam and Mark talk about Jonah Hex, top 5 movies named after a main character, Jack Reacher, as well as Fallout the game, Resident Evil the movie, Terminator Salvation, Where Eagles Dare and The Killer Elite

Skyfall and Top 5 Bond Songs – 072


In this episode, Mark and Sam give it up for Skyfall and discuss their top 5 Bond Songs. They also discuss Halo 4, The Devil Rides Out, Let Me In and Terminator Salvation.

Priest and Top 5 Suggestions for Star Wars – 071


Mark and Sam discuss Priest (2011) and Top 5 things they’d like to see done with Star Wars. We also discuss XCom the game, and the movies Kill List, Cockneys Vs Zombies, The Other Guys and Death Race 2000