Monthly Archives: January 2013

Nausicaa Valley of the Wind and favourite spoken vocal performances – 081

Nausicaa Valley of the Wind

Mark and Sam talk about their favourite vocal performances in movies/TV/etc and the movie Nausicaa Valley of the Wind

The Omen Trilogy and Remake – Odd One Out 008

The Omen Trilogy and Remake

The Omen, Damien Omen 2, The Final Conflict and The Omen Remake

Odd One Out 006 – Planet of the Apes

Planet of the Apes

All seven movies, two TV shows, a book, a comic and a set of trading cards.

Odd One Out 005 – Frenzy


Alfred Hitchcock’s last masterpiece, Frenzy

Odd One Out 004 – Death Race Movies

Death Race 2000

Covering Death Race 2000, Death Race, Death Race 2 and Death Race Inferno

Odd One Out 003 – Battle Royale 2

Battle Royale 2

The subversive and maybe underestimated Battle Royale 2

Batman Mask of the Phantasm and Batman Year One and favourite nods to other movies – 080

Year One
Mark and Sam talk about a pair of animated Batman movies and their favourite nods between movies (and games)

Odd One Out 002 – Insidious


Mark covers the 2010 movie Insidious with Patrick Wilson and Rosie Byrne

Odd One Out 001 – Sunshine


In this first episode of a podcast within a podcast, Mark talks about 2007 movie Sunshine