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Captain America 1 and 2 – 138

Captain America Winter Soldier

In this podcast, Mark and Sam discuss Captain America 1 and 2, as well as Agents of Shield, and some other movies:

  • Pacific Rim
  • Cloverfield
  • Godzilla – Final Wars
  • Milius
  • The French Connection
  • Repulsion
  • King of the Zombies

Kingology 001 – Carrie

Carrie by Stephen King

First in a chronological monthly series about the books of Stephen King (and associated media).

In this one Mark covers the book, the audiobook as read by Sissy Spacek, The 1976 De Palma movie, the 2003 TV movie, and the 2013 movie.

King of the Zombies 1.5/5

King of the Zombies

Rather lame comedy horror from the 1940s that’s not funny or horrific. It also relies on racist stereotyping for its light relief, but the main comic relief does have some comic timing talent, but unfortunately his material is desperately poor. I did like he was supposed to be zombified, but continued acting normally, whilst accepting his fate as a zombie.

However, I didn’t get bored, and it was mercifully short.

Repulsion 4/5


One of those movies that represents a primal nightmare, in this case of a single woman who is not comfortable with men. She hates her sister’s boyfriend leaving his razor etc in the bathroom over her things, she hates any intimacy shown both towards her and towards other women, she even find women talking about men uncomfortable.

Slowly, she imagines attacks, and descends into her own private madness where her imagination and reality become mixed and interchangeable.

A masterful movie, with the usually upright and confident Catherine Deneuve giving a mousey, timid performance, and looking more waifish than lovely.

Her look also is echoed in a later movie by Polanski – Rosemary’s Baby – where Mia Farrow looks like a short haired version of this poor girl.

Polanski would go on to reexplore urban alienation and madness in the masterful “The Tenant” several years after this.

Milius 4/5


Compelling but fun documentary about a guy who writes great, grand dialogue, and was a peer of Spielberg, Lucas and all. Really fun to see what he added to the 70s and 80s moviescape. The world is a better place because of this guy, for sheer entertainment alone.

Little Shop of Horrors – 137

Little Shop of Horrors

Mark and Sam discuss both versions of Little Shop of Horrors (1960 and 1986), as well as:

  • Miami Vice: Brother’s Keeper 1984
  • Teen Titans
  • Walking Dead Season 4 part 2
  • Amazing Spider-Man 2
  • The Masque of the Red Death
  • Devil May Cry (X-Box)
  • The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl
  • Batman The Animated Series
  • Metamorphosis – Novella by Franz Kafka

Masque of the Red Death 4.5/5

Masque of the Red Death

I saw this before as a teenager, and thought it was deliberately overwrought and contrived just to fill the running time, and I had that general opinion of Corman’s Poe cycle.

However, I watched The Haunted Palace for the first time not too long ago, and thought it was wonderful, and thought maybe it was time to give the whole Corman/Price cycle another chance.

Watching it again, I realised I was totally wrong. It is weird, vivid, a mashup of pulp and existential horror that’s works superbly, and apart from Witchfinder General, I think this might be Price’s best performance as the black-hearted Prospero.

I loved the garish colours and the very fine set design and rather good costuming, and I particularly liked the Red Death and his brethren.

A fine film, and a classic of horror.

5 Disney Movies 1999 to 2002 – 136

In this cast, Mark and Sam talk about assorted movies and games, including Shadow of the Colossus, Justice League, Filth, Stitch The Movie, We Need to talk about Kevin and Bioshock.

And about 5 Disney movies:

  • Fantasia 2000
  • Dinosaur
  • The Emperor’s New Groove
  • Atlantis: The Lost Empire
  • Lilo and Stitch

Miami Vice: Brother’s Keeper 4.5/5

Miami Vice

Well, as I watched the first half, I couldn’t help thinking ‘this really isn’t as good as I remember it’. Then we saw Sonny Crockett lived on a yacht. With an alligator called Elvis. Then we saw a judge with a pump action shotgun, a clerk with a magnum, Sonny getting it on with a work colleague, and a bad guy in a dress.

So 80s, it hurts, in a good way.

I rate it Awesome++

We Are What We Are (2010) 3/5

We Are What We Are

An everyday story of a dysfunctional family who happen to be ritualistic cannibals…

The film has all the elements to work and be great, with nice camerawork, acting and tension, but it’s lack of proper setup or explanation, even through indirect dialogue gets frustrating in the end, and ultimately you really don’t care about these people. It felt like it could have been so much better if the script had had a little more work.

We Need to Talk about Kevin 4/5

We Need to about talk about Kevin

What would it be like to have to raise a kid who is a psychopath? To live among people who vilified you for the actions of your child? To blame yourself, and be in fear that people will confront you with your fears every minute of the day?

It’s a very difficult subject, and front and centre to this movie. Very well acted, directed and written, it has a central coldness in tone that is probably unavoidable, but isn’t helped by the nonlinear nature of the presentation. I felt more at ease with this difficult subject when the narrative stayed linear, but even then it was disconcerting.

A fine movie, one that would make a good double bill with Stoker, but by no means an easy watch.

Star Trek The Original Series Season 2 Episodes 21-26 – Odd One Out 058

Star Trek

Mark talks about Star Trek The Original Series, Season 2, Episodes 21-26

Filth 4/5


Wow, a real tour-de-force with McAvoy as a complete asshole, who we get to see as a tortured, lonely man in this Scottish comedy version of Bad Lieutenant. This film is funny, repulsive, tragic in turns, and it did feel like a Trainspotting-lite in the first 20 minutes, but then quickly shed that feel and became its own thing.

I’m not entirely sure it’s a great movie, though it had many, many memorable scenes, and I’m sure I’ll remember it for years to come, but it’s a very, very good movie.

Oh and a spectacular and glorious cameo from David Soul too.

5 Disney Movies 1995 to 1999 – 135


In this cast, Mark and Sam talk about assorted movies and the latest Godzilla trailer, and about 5 Disney movies:

  • Pocahontas
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  • Hercules
  • Mulan
  • Tarzan

Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa 3.5/5

Alan Partridge Alpha Papa

Reasonably funny and diverting comedy from the cringe-tastic Alan Partridge, that works well if you watch it in 2 or 3 servings, rather than one sitting – Partridge is definitely a characters that works better in several small doses than one big pigout.

Does this work overseas though? I think it’s a very British offering.

Pygmalion 4.5/5


Terrific movie based on the play by George Bernard Shaw (and later adapted into the musical My Fair Lady), with funny, sad, angry scenes all mixed up together, and a great performance by Wendy Hiller as the brave, put-upon Eliza. I can’t decide if she’s uncannily beautiful or odd-looking…

Leslie Howard also puts in a 100% exhilarating performance as the brash, bullying Henry Higgins, and the bit players are also pretty good, especially the guy playing Eliza’s father. He’s hilariously low-class in all respects.

Stridulum aka The Visitor 3.5/5


Completely bananas movie with an impressive cast (John Huston! Shelley Winters! Glen Ford! Franco Nero as Jesus Christ!) and with a young Lance Henrikson, this is a nutty cross between The Omen and the theatrical cut of Highlander 2, with elements of The Boys From Brazil and The Exorcist 2 thrown in.

Enjoyable, but don’t expect any sense.

The Haunting 4/5

The Haunting

Lovely, atmospheric, tense, watchable. Not scary, but mesmeric.

It adheres very closely in both story and tone to the Shirley Jackson book it’s based on, even using parts of the beautifully written opening and closing paragraphs of that book in voiceover at the beginning and end.

Beautiful horror.

Kick Ass and Kick Ass 2 – 134

Kick Ass 2

Sam and Mark talk over Kick Ass and Kick Ass 2, as well as what they’ve watched/played/read since last time.

Explicit language.

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? – Odd One Out 057

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

If you want to hear about a movie where you’d see some messed up psychological and physical torture by an old lady, this is the movie for you!

Even if you don’t watch to see a movie like that, listen anyway!