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Newsletter 2: The Boy Who Got Lost In Dreams

The Boy Who Got Lost In Dreams is now available at all Kindle stores, free from 17th July-21st July, just download and you can keep it forever, free!

It’s an exciting adventure story for all ages, with cliffhangers in each chapter and action on every page.

The Boy Who Got Lost In Dreams

The story: Tom Apple falls into a Dream Machine and finds himself in The Realm, a place where dreams have become real. The boy is chased by monsters and helped by a fire beast, two birds, a golem, and a band of warriors, and must find a way home as the memories of his real life start to fade. He must escape a sea monster, a dragon and other monsters as he is pursued by a powerful enemy, The Dark Lord. He finds himself in a mighty battle between the light and dark sides of the Realm as the Dark Lord seeks a Map Tom holds that is a means for the Dark Lord to recreate the Realm in his own image.

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Enjoy the book, and please spread the word to any parents with 8+ year old kids!